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  • 88,99 €

    SILK BEAUTY KIT - FIRMING ANTI-AGE OVERNIGHT MASK hydrates + elasticizes + firms 25ml - Pochette black

  • 15,99 €

    Men FORTIFYING ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO purifies the scalp, fortifies hair bulb, combats desquamation - A fortifying and anti-dandruff treatment, ideal for oily hair and in general suitable for all hair types. It gently cleanses, helps to eliminate dandruff and restructures your hair, which, due to stress and external aggressions, may thin, lose body, fall...

  • 21,99 €

    Men SOOTHING HYDRATING BALM Reduces redness, long-lasting hydration, alcohol-free An emollient, smooth and easy-to-absorb emulsion, ideal after shaving. It soothes and reduces skin redness, revitalizes the skin after razor aggression, thanks to the presence of taurine and extract of Siberian ginseng, and nourishes the skin thanks to Shea butter and...

  • 29,99 €

    EXFOLIATING REGENERATING GENTLE BODY SCRUB GEL exfoliates + regenerates + smoothes with fossil marine algae powder.A gentle and effective scrub-gel with a light texture that renews your skin and makes it receptive to subsequent treatments, formulated with a marine fossil algae powder, formed millions of years ago, which gives your skin a timeless beauty.-...

  • 21,99 €

    FIRMING ANTI-AGING OVERNIGHT MASK hydrates + elasticizes + firms face + neckAn ultra soft mask with an immediate beauty effect that fights the signs of ageing and makes your skin exceptionally soft and silky.- INGREDIENTS: • Oligopeptide 5, a molecule composed of 73 amino acids (including arginine and tyrosine), is an active ingredient with elasticizing...

  • 21,99 €

    CC CREAM PERFECT SKIN- golden sand medium/dark evens out + hydrates + illuminates natural glow effectThe magic of a Color and Correction cream that, in a single gesture, evens out the complexion and makes it flawless giving it a natural glow. Day after day it prevents the sings of ageing. - INGREDIENTS:• Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the...

  • 14,99 €

    NOURISHING HAND CREAM SUBLIME SOFTNESS deeply nourishes + repairs + protects with donkey milk A soft creamy emulsion that takes care of your hands, protecting, nourishing and giving them exceptional softness, elasticity and silkiness.- INGREDIENTS:• Cupuaçu butter is a triglyceride containing phytosterols which regulate the activities of the lipids of...

  • 21,99 €

    DERMOPURIFYING GEL PERFECT SKIN soap-free cleansing gel removes impurities and pollution particles, anti-shine action with anti-bacterial A delicate and fresh cleansing gel that frees your skin from impurities and leaves only its natural beauty. - INGREDIENTS: • Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the dermis present in the intercellular spaces,...

  • 110,99 €

    VELVET BEAUTY KIT - ANTI-AGEING ANTI-DARK SPOTS HAND CREAM hand cream with Shea butter + UV filter 25ml - ANTI-AGEING CREAM 24H, deeply nourishes and smoothes wrinkles  25ml  

  • 32,99 €

    Men STRENGTHENING ANTI-HAIR LOSS* LOTION counteracts the loss of fragile and thinned out hair revitalizes + strengthens + hydrate - It is an ideal anti-hair loss* strengthening treatment, taking advantage of valuable new generation biomimetic peptides, which act against loss and progressive hair thinning, caused by stress, environmental factors,...

  • 32,99 €

    Men ANTI-AGEING REGENERATING MOISTURIZER AGE PROTECTION fights signs of tiredness and ageing tones + elasticizes + regenerates An easy-to-absorb moisturizing cream, fresh, very pleasant to the touch and perfect for daily applications, that helps to combat signs of tiredness and ageing, thanks to precious nourishing, toning and anti-ageing ingredients,...

  • 32,99 €

    MOISTURIZING NOURISHING BODY CREAM SATIN SKIN (nourishes + moisturizes with Shea butter sweet almond and rice oils) A rich and velvety emulsion, easy to absorb, that nourishes your skin with an immediate boost of hydration, giving it a delicate fruity wood aroma.- INGREDIENTS:• Shea Butter has highly nourishing and antioxidant properties. Rich in vitamins...

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