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Pierre Cardin

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May 15th 2017
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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is one of the world's most famous brands coming from France. It is designed especially for successful and self-confident men who enjoy the high quality of the materials, as well as comfort. Pierre Cardin combines classic style with elements typical for leisure time. The brand is suitable for men of every age who enjoy timeless clothing, elegance and perfect cuts.
Even though it is the original men's style brand, Pierre Cardin does not forget about women. Women's shoes and handbags are particularly stylish.

Revolution in the fashion world

Pierre Cardin's first-class models meant a revolution in the fashion world right in the first moment. In spite of its high quality, the elements of luxury of high Parisian fashion and its fresh look the brand retained its affordability and thus spread rapidly all over the world. High-quality fashion available to the general public is from the beginning the main vision of the father of this brand, French fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

He irritated the French fashionable cream of society

Pierre Cardin himself has learned from real masters - among others, in the workroom of world-renowned designer Christian Dior. The world was amazed by his prét-à-porter (take and wear) collections, but members of high fashion haute couture were outraged - to such an extent that they even temporarily expelled him from the prestigious French association Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Pierre Cardin was, in fact, the first member of this renowned syndicate who create a collection designed for sale and wear. The brand has retainded this features till today.

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